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Calmbirth® is Australia’s most highly acclaimed and trusted childbirth education program.

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Regina Power

Regina Power

Certified Calmbirth® Facilitator since 2006 M.ED Counselling and Certified Doula


Certified Calmbirth® Educator since 2006
Supporting women and their families to approach birth with calm and confidence for 18 years.

Qualified Doula
Practised as a professionally trained birth support person (doula) supporting women and their families from 2006.

Master of Counselling
Worked with children and families in both in-home family therapy and school counselling for ten years.

Calmbirth® came into my life while supporting women as a birthing doula. I was blessed to see firsthand the positive birth outcomes of couples who had prepared using Calmbirth®. 

After attending a Calmbirth® class as the birth partner of a dear friend, I was inspired to learn more. In 2006 I was fortunate to be one of the first teachers trained by the program’s founder, Peter Jackson

There is something so special about seeing the fear and doubt melt away as a couple realises for the first time that they can create a beautiful birthing experience. I’ve had the honour of being present for hundreds of couples during this moment over the past 18 years.

My passion and belief that women’s bodies are incredibly designed for birth were reinforced while birthing my own two children, Maia and Kiran. Using skills from the Calmbirth® program I experienced the true beauty and power that is possible.

Preparation for birth plays a crucial role in creating a positive birth experience, no matter how the journey unfolds. We only have the blessing of giving birth a few times in our lives. Why not make it one of the best days of our life!

Birth is a life event full of anticipation and joy. Sharing the tools to empower you to give birth with confidence is one of the biggest honours that life has given me.

What is Calmbirth®?

The Calmbirth® Prenatal Education Program

Pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events. South Coast Calmbirth® gives you the skills you need to prepare for your own unique birth journey.

You’ll develop techniques you can rely on before and during birth to help release fear, anxiety and tension. Effective techniques and strategies that can be applied to your individual birthing preferences.

Research shows that expectant mothers who can relax and trust the process of childbirth are less likely to need intervention. Calmbirth® helps you to feel the relaxed confidence that you need to trust the process and birth with greater ease.

Building knowledge and confidence with your birth partner are central as it strengthens confidence for both of you. Together you can draw on your Calmbirth® skills to remain calm and relaxed as you meet the challenges of birth. Learn more about what to expect and the topics covered.

A calm mother and partner can lead to a calmer baby. The skills you develop during a class with Regina Power make an enormous difference during your pregnancy, labour and as you embark on your parenting journey.

Since 2005 the Calmbirth® Prenatal Education Program has been empowering women to welcome their babies into the world with calm, confidence and joy.  Check available dates to give your family exactly the start it deserves.

Girl in pink sweater kissing mum's tummy
I absolutely love teaching the Calmbirth® program! It will be my pleasure to share this knowledge with you and your birth partner so that you are empowered to draw on your natural resources to birth with confidence.
Regina Power

Calmbirth Educator, South Coast Calmbirth